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Roofing Installation

ML Best Construction serves the entire island (Long Island) and the five boroughs.

ML Best Construction has been using roofing material from the manufacturers of GAF and Owen's Corning.

When it comes to honesty, we do not cut corners because we are the ones to tell you what is BEST recommended for your project.  

Our new system includes the following:

•Using tarps to properly transport the debris from the roof down to the ground, preventing any damage on the house and property. 

•Remove and replace any rotted wood to prevent future issues.

•Metal Drip Edge is used to prevent water from going behind the wood on both the eaves and rakes.

•Ice Shield is used to protect areas on the roof from ice and water damage.

•Deck Armor is used so that the roof can breathe. It prevents the moisture from being trapped that can cause damage to the roof deck.

•Ridge Vent or Power Fan are two ways to properly ventilate the roof. We go with what the owner knows is best for them.

•We do not cut up the shingles for the caps. We have hip and ridge caps that are designed to fit the ridges of the roof.