Top 4 Renovations that Improve the Value of Your Home

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Whether you’re looking to sell your house and want to make a fast sale, you just purchased a home and you want to add your own personal touches, or you’ve been living in your house for a while and want to make some updates, renovations are an excellent idea. Renovating your home can add to the value of your home, improve its function, and make it a more beautiful space.


While any renovation can improve your home, not all of them offer the same value. If you’re looking to make upgrades that will pay off big time, here’s a look at some of the renovations that offer the biggest bang for your buck.


Kitchen Renovations


The kitchen is the heart of the home. You spend a lot of time preparing meals and entertaining loved ones in this space, so it makes sense that the kitchen is one of the most popular home renovations; not to mention one that can substantially increase the value of your home.


Renovating your kitchen can improve the function and look of the space, increase its comfort, and even reduce your energy costs. For example, upgrading old, outdated appliances can lower your energy use, replacing the cabinets can completely transform the look, and changing the layout can make it more user-friendly.


Bathroom Remodeling


Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most widely used space in your home. It’s where you start and end each day, and your guests use it on a regular basis. Therefore, it should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be efficient and easy to use.


A bathroom remodel can drastically improve the value of your home, improve its efficiency (both in terms of how you use it and the amount of energy you use), and just make the space more enjoyable to be in. Changing the layout, updating the tile, and installing new fixtures will make your bathroom a favorite spot in your house; plus, you’ll see a big return on investment if you sell.


Updating the Flooring


Updating the flooring in your home is another renovation that will give you a lot of bang for your buck. The floors in your house set the stage for the entire look, so updating them can make a huge impact in terms of aesthetics. Plus, installing new flooring can also improve the efficiency and health of your home, and of course, increase its value.

For example, if you have carpets, replacing them with hardwoods can substantially boost the value of your home. Buyers are more likely to purchase a house that has hardwoods over carpeting. Hardwoods are also versatile, easier to maintain, and healthier than carpets, so it’s no wonder why they are the preferred choice when it comes to flooring – and why they offer so much value.


Window Replacement


You’ll also see a sizable return on your investment when you upgrade your windows.


Windows play a huge role in the energy efficiency of your home. If they’re old and outdated, the air that your HVAC system works so hard to heat and cool will easily leak right out of them. This not only detracts from the comfort of your home, but it also means you will end up using a lot more energy. By replacing your windows with new, energy efficient models, you can see huge savings on your utility bills; plus, if you are selling, you’ll be more likely to see the return on your investment with the offers buyers will make.

If you want to see a big return on your investment, these four home renovations will definitely give you the most bang for your buck – especially when you have them performed by a reliable in-home contractor.


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